VG-002 | Shield Protector Retail Wicket against Germs and droplet infection

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The new Virus Guard intended to protect employees and ensuring that they can do their work without feeling threatened by unwanted germs and bacteria

A thickness of 0.3 ml Acrylic Plastic is used as a barrier to protect from any droplets or germs that may be passed a person.

Ideal for Most Operations
Ideal for any front-facing operations such as Restaurants, Banks, Grocers, Government offices and online pickup stations.

Visibility & Easy to Clean
Clear Acrylic gives clear visibility and easy to clean with any all-purpose cleaning products

Dual Sizing Feature
This unit has to ability to be used horizontally or vertically giving more sizing options to fit your desired area 

Due to High Demand 

Disclaimer: We make no claims to protect from Covid19 or any other illness. According to  WHO headquarters in Geneva: “We are practicing physical distancing as one measure to stop COVID-19 transmission.” Said product is a barrier that gives physical distance from individuals. You are responsible for the setting of the guard at an appropriate distance set by the government of Canada and WHO and for cleaning the Virus Guard with appropriate measures. We at PDS take no responsibility for an individual to contract the covid 19 or any other illness. The information and guidance provided on this site is not intended as, and should not be construed to be, legal, financial, medical, or consulting advice. Business owners or anyone should exercise their professional judgment in connection with the provision of services provided by this product.